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DRX9000 Spinal Decompression in Kirkland, Washington

DRX9000 spinal decompression treatment offered in Kirkland, Washington by local doctor of chiropractic, Dr. M. Golden Larson. Kirkland Chiropractic & Massage has been offering spinal decompression using the DRX9000 for spinal disc herniations and facet joint problems of the spine longer than any other clinic in the Seattle metro area.

The DRX9000 and DRX9000C are mechanized spinal decompression systems that address some of the possible pitfalls of standard medical traction used in the past.

The DRX9000 offered in Dr. Larson's Kirkland office allows the inter-vertebral disc space to expand. This reduces the pressure inside the disc in order to relieve nerve root and cord stress thus reducing back pain and sciatica. Along with this reduction of pressure produced by the DRX9000 treatments there is also the benefit of facet joint release, allowing the muscle spasms to be relieved by taking the irritated nerve signal away.

Studies published show a actual increase in the disc space and evidence of disc herniation reduction on MRI studies. One recent study performed by Dr.s from Mayo clinic in Scottsdale AZ., Johns Hopkins University and Stanford showed up to 90% of patients reported a significant reduction in the severity of their lower back pain and medication consumption was decreased with the DRX9000 treatments with no significant adverse effects or safety issues resulted. (Copies of reports available upon request ).

Dr. Larson is currently offering a no charge consultation to review reports and to determine if a patient would qualify for the treatment. Coverage for the treatment varies depending on the patient"s insurance but generally the treatment using the table is not covered yet some supporting care may be. Dr. Larson offers a no charge review of your coverage by our professional and highly trained staff.


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